Sunday, October 21, 2007

Saturday, October 20, 2007

magical creatures

A treefly: they have 6 leaf shaped wings that are transparent green, and fly like humming birds.
During the day time they stick together in a shape of a tree and wake up at night when the moon rises, and fly around to find food.

Flying frog: he has two large fins that works like wings. he's a good jumper and the tip of his antennas glow in the dark water. he looks like flying with water splashing when he's jumping on the surface of the lake.

forest runners: they are small birds who can't fly. they only jump around and run pretty fast. They stay in herd and hunt small animals. they can be scary...

Leaf man

He's very kind and quiet, also shy. He likes to talk to little bugs, but when he does, others can't really hear anything. He also has wings but he can't really fly. usually he just walks around very slowly, so he wouldn't hurt his bug friends.